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A tale from the Scillies

A tale from the Scillies....

One of the best things about our little corner of deepest West Cornwall is the amount of chit chat that goes on. It makes leaving the house quite an issue at times, when you accidentally find yourself in a rush to get somewhere for example. There are so many chats to have… short ones, long one, happy ones, sad ones with wonderful folk who we share this gorgeous part of the world with.

During one of these many chats that happen, we were lucky enough to hear a particular tale from St Mary’s (one of the Scillies).

John used to be a carpenter working for the estate on Tresco (he moved back to the mainland a couple of years ago).

One morning, he said (all the best stories start like that…), “I was up early to finish off some work I’d started the day before. I was walking over to the pub, I was re-fitting it at the time, when I saw someone waving their arms and running towards me.

I thought to myself, that’s a bit strange… People don’t normally do that sort of thing around ‘ere… Turned out it was Mary Beckett. I said "What’s all this about then Mary?”

She said “Look at my feet John, look at them!” She was wearing a brand new pair of trainers, and had the most enormous grin.

“There’s been a wreck!” She exclaimed, a wild and mischievous look in her eye and extra emphasis on the word wreck.

“Oh dear!” I said, sounding concerned “Is everyone ok?”

“Yes, yes…” Said Mary impatiently, rolling her eyes. “There’s treasure!” again with extra emphasis on the word treasure, and more glinty eyes. She was clearly savouring the words wreck and treasure.

“Ooh really!” Now that’s interesting I thought to myself…

Off we went then (my work could wait, after all, there was a wreck!).

Arriving at Porth Wreck (aptly named), people were jumping around, carting wheelbarrows full of unusual items… The thing that struck me as hilarious, was that everyone was wearing matching sets of brand new trainers. Chuckling to myself, I went and found a pair myself and put them on.

At this point, the local police arrived. Now I don’t know if you know this, but the most famous man on the Scillies is Robert Dorrien-Smith. His family have leased part of the islands from Duchy for ages.

So the police are there, trying to take down names of everyone, I think because they felt they should do something! Funny thing was, when ever they asked anyone’s names, everyone just said “Oh I’m Robert Dorrien-Smith”… Even Mary said that!

Ahh, we all loved our new trainers for the next few weeks, I can tell you…

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