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All about our Seaweed

The Seaweed we use in all our products is Fucus Serratus an Olive- Brown Seaweed found growing in abundance along the sparkly Atlantic coast of Europe. This is the main ingredient in our Seaweed Bath, Skin Balms, Facial Oil and our Pure Seaweed Soap. Fucus Serratus has been used for hundreds of years in seaweed baths, the amazing silky oils from this seaweed have a positive effect on the skin, hair and body and the antioxidants found naturally in this seaweed have long been known to have pronounced anti-aging, skin conditioning, rejuvenating and hydrating effects, which is why we chose to use this variety in all of our hand crafted products.


Our Seaweed Bath is a sensual, therapeutic, home spa experience. Combined with Dead Sea Salts, it not only feels amazing, it has also been traditionally used to help relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, to ease muscular pain, rheumatism and arthritis while assisting circulation. Seaweed bathing feels great! This of course is why we created our Seaweed Bath.. In one of our boxes you will find two 100g packages of dried, hand harvested bundles of Cornish Seaweed combined with Dead Sea salts, wrapped in a fine netting sleeve. (Each bundle can be used more than once.) Place one of these bundles and the Dead Sea salt into a very hot bath to let the Seaweed naturally re-hydrate and release it's wonderful rejuvenating, silky oils. After approximately ten minutes you can add some cold water to bring your bath to your desired temperature. Step in and enjoy the unique Seaweed Bath home spa experience! Seaweed Bathing is based on the idea that the minerals and trace elements in the seaweed infused water, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium sulphates and sodium, are absorbed through the skin. These are thought to boost the body's blood and lymph circulation, accelerating the metabolism and promoting the elimination of toxins. Some of the reasons that Seaweed Bathing has been used for generations are:
  • muscle toning and skin cleansing
  • weight loss aided by improved metabolism
  • improved cardiovascular functioning
  • boosting of the immune system
  • improvement of sleep quality
  • relief of the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, back and muscular pain, and stress
So you see, there appear to be lots of reasons why bathing with Seaweed feels so good, and it really does! Order a Seaweed Bath here..

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