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After 9 months of development, our Renewal Facial Cleanser (cleanse, soften & hydrate) and our Super Nutrient Hair & Scalp Oil (deeply nourish & balance) are coming very soon.

We'll be launching them this Sunday!

Because you have joined our early access though, we'll be giving you access to them a day early!

*Your Early Access Opens 7AM Saturday 11th*

We'll email on Saturday Morning at 7AM with the link to get early access.

We'll also give you early access to our limited Blue Friday Month Bundles!

Plus we're adding a surprise new product to all orders over £50!

This Blue Friday Month...

We're very excited to be launching our latest unique Hair and Skincare products!

These are the result of several months of development incorporating the amazing benefits of our hand harvested organic seaweed, and our gorgeous skin & haircare herbs.

Our two new (much requested) products are a unique pre-wash Hair treatment for supporting optimal hair & scalp health, & a gorgeous Rose, Seaweed & Frankincense daily facial cleanser...

We're sure you will love them as much as we do.

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