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Our Story

We are Hannah, Richard and Koko. We met down here in furthest west Cornwall. We combine Richard’s knowledge of traditional oriental medicine (he has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is an Acupuncturist), with our love of the wild Cornish Sea and its’ amazing seaweeds! From this we create unique skin and body care for everyone to enjoy!

Koko helps out too in her own friendly fluffy way...

It all started on a remote beach

Like all the best adventures, it began on a beach. A chance encounter with a stranger, on a misty day in February, led to a conversation that would start our whole business...

The Place

If we think back to how this all started, it was a windless day in February, a few years ago... (autoplays slide show)

A remote beach. There is no rain, but a fog hangs nonchalantly in the air. It appears to have no desire to dissipate any time soon.

Grim though it is, its enveloping stillness is strangely comforting. Waves crash in the distance, their sound muffled by the fog...

Out of the fog a man approaches. He meanders up the beach, away from the sea. Wearing a wetsuit, he carries a surfboard under one arm, a clump of something in the other.

He stops to adjust his grip on both, they seem equally important. A short way behind, I too walk up the beach, carrying my surfboard...

The Meeting

I catch up, and, interested, I talk to him. Our words are muffled by the mist and distant surf. We are audible only to each other.

“What’s with the seaweed?” I ask... “It’s for my wife, she likes to put it in the bath” he replies, with a salty smile. “Seriously? That sounds strange!”

“No, it’s great, you should try it! It makes the water go all viscous, my kids love it, and it’s actually great for my skin. I get skin problems, and it really helps!” his smile expressing his excitement...

“There’s a clump of it down there, you should try it!” he says, nodding towards a patch of rocks. “Ok great, I’ll try it out!” I reply enthusiastically...

I walk back towards the surf, wet sand cold between my toes and find a rock covered in seaweed. Wondering if anyone is watching, I pick a large clump, hurriedly walk back to my car, stuff it into a bag, and head home excited and triumphant in my new discovery!

The Seaweed

“What is it?” Hannah enquires, a note of concern in her voice. “It’s seaweed! I met a guy on the beach who said we should put it in the bath and get in with it!” I reply, my excitement and pride in my offering undetered by her growing concern. “Seriously?”

The seaweed is now sitting in the shower tray, looking slightly alarming. Hannah, while appreciative of my noble efforts to present her with a bunch of something (flowers would probably have been her first choice), is somewhat sceptical about my suggestion of getting in a bath with it.

Still, she’s patient, kind and secretly a little curious...

The Bath

Steam fills the bathroom, as hot water meets wild sea plant. It readily gives off its secret essences into the water.

“I’m getting in!” I sink into the unusual bath. “What’s it like?!” Hannah asks, now really curious.. “Weird but… nice!” I say, as the seaweed gently bobs around the bath. It's silky oils feel amazingly soft and nurturing on my skin.

“Ok I’m getting in too… Oooh, it is nice!” Hannah says “I feel sooo relaxed…”, the seaweed nutrients gently helping my system to deeply relax. “My skin feels amazing! And my hair!” Hannah says from the other end of the bath as she happily twirls the leafy fronds between her fingers. “Let’s do this again!”


A little later, relaxed and warmed from our first seaweed bath, we sleep soundly in our bed, in our cosy house just by the sea.

Over the next few days, our love affair with this new found treat develops. Then we start to wonder… “I wonder if anyone else is doing this?”

“It looks like there’s a bit of a history of it in Ireland, Brittany and Norway...” Hannah says. “Maybe we should do a Cornish version? Then we can send it to people that don’t live near the sea…” I say. “Then they could have a part of Cornwall, and the sea, in their bathrooms too!”

We agree, enormously pleased at our new idea and possibility of sharing this with other people. “Let’s do it!”

And so our little business began.

And then a little while later... "Woof!" Koko joined us...

Our Seaweed Haircare

Brilliant hair products.The first time that I can wash my very curly hair without it going frizzy. Also hair is in best condition ever. I love all the natural ingredients and the love and care that has gone into your business.

Jean Anne-Schiff

Since 2013 | West Cornwall