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Haircare Early Access

Welcome to our Super Nutrient Haircare Early Access Launch!

We're so pleased you decided to join our Early Access launch!

We're sure you will love our new haircare as much as we do!
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Bio-Active Super Nutrient

Seaweed Haircare

Naturally bio-active, unique, Seaweed powered haircare, for strong, healthy and nourished hair.

OUr haircare Story
Two years & a unique approach to haircare...

For the past two years, we have been quietly working away on the most incredible shampoo & conditioner!

These two new products came about because Richard knew that I hadn’t found a shampoo and conditioner that I was completely satisfied with. I had tried so many, and although some were pretty good, I still wasn’t happy with the effect on my hair, whilst being gentle and kind to my hair and skin.

So, Richard, knowing the benefits and traditional uses of seaweeds and specific herbs for skin and haircare, set about developing a first prototype for me to try. Those very first versions, whilst needing some tweaks were actually far better and different to any other shampoo and conditioner I had ever tried!

Over the next few months, we refined and developed the shampoo and conditioner using the same herb base and adding seaweed as we already knew how amazing this is for hair and skin. I am now overjoyed with the effect these two have on my hair….not frizzy/dry or over moisturised/lank. I can feel that it has improved the structure of each hair, without any compromise!

And now finally, they are ready for us to share with you too! We hope you love them as much as we do!

100% Natural

Free from Silicone, SLS, Paraben’s, Palm oil, PEG’s, artificial colour & fragrance. Also Vegan & never tested on animals. Instead we are using key plants, roots and herbs to create amazing haircare.

Bio-active formulation

Most liquid haircare contains a large percentage of water. Instead, ours contains a large percentage of a unique bio-active blend of Organic Seaweed other hair loving plants/herbs.

Aluminium Bottle

We chose aluminium as it is infinitely recyclable, hard wearing and stylish.

Made in Cornwall

All our products are lovingly designed, formulated, and created here in West Cornwall.


Unique Super Nutrient

Bioactive Haircare

Most liquid haircare contains only a very small amount of active ingredients and a high percentage of water (up to 80%).

Ours is made with our unique bio-active infusion (60% in our Shampoo & 80% in our Conditioner). Our bio-active infusion is made with these ingredients:

Organic Seaweed

Rehydrating, moisturising and improves hair strength & elasticity.

Tuber Fleeceflower Root

A.k.a Polygonum Multiflorum. An amazing plant for hair care, it can stimulate healthy hair growth and balance oils. It is anti-aging for hair.

Angelica Sinensis Root

This root can also stimulate healthy hair growth.


We love Frankincense and use it in quite a few of our skincare products. We extract from whole Frankincense. It helps to deliver shiny hair and a healthy scalp.

Mint Leaf

Simple mint is actually a great skincare herb. It can help with dandruff and scalp issues in general.



Most frequent questions and answers
Does your haircare contain only natural ingredients?

Yes, we use gentle plant-based cleansers and conditioners and eco preservative.

What are your bottles made from?

They are made from infinitely recyclable Aluminium.

Do you have a haircare set with the shampoo and conditioner

Yes, we do the two products in a bundle.

Why have you made liquid haircare, instead of bars?

We just couldn’t match our liquid formulations and it was not possible to infuse as much of the incredible seaweed and herbs in a bar.

Why did you choose these ingredients?

We chose these ingredients for their incredible, natural, effective benefits for hair and skin.

What other products are you planning to create next?

We have plans to continually grow our range, including a shower gel, liquid hand wash, deodorant etc.

What makes your hair care different?

Our haircare is different to most shampoo’s and conditioner’s because the water element of ours is actually a wonderful bio-active infusion, whereas others are mainly water.

How often should I use the shampoo and conditioner?

Use as often as required.

Why don't the bottles have pumps?

We decided not to use pump tops, since we wanted to limit unnecessary plastic, however we are considering providing these to be purchased separately, as they can be reused.

Are your shampoo and conditioner Vegan?

Yes, they are.

Are your shampoo and conditioner suitable for all hair types?

Yes, they are.

Does your shampoo create a lather?

Yes, it has a lovely rich and nourish lather.

Are your shampoo and conditioner suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, we don’t use any harsh cleansing agents or plastic based conditioners.

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