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Good Friday Walk

Lamorna Cove looking gorgeous...

The Good Friday walk

There's a tradition down here of walking from Mousehole to Lamorna on Good Friday. It's been around for years, and still today, you can just turn up to the start of the walk and there's a whole crowd of people ready to do the walk.

Originally it was a time and place for singles to meet each other. It used to be almost the whole population of Penzance and Newlyn wold join in on the walk! Nowadays it's definitely a smaller group (and even smaller groups because of Covid), but the spirit of the walk still continues on.

It's a great tradition, and often the weather is great, with small, colourful coastal flowers appearing along the coast, and the scent of Gorse strong in the air. After the sombre elemental-ness of winter, it's a joyful sight to see!

Our Soap Saver Bags have arrived! (Limited stock on this first run)...

After many requests, our super soft soap saver bags have arrived!

They are hand made from 100% natural bamboo that comes from renewable and environmentally friendly sources.

They provide a luxurious lather, gentle exfoliation and help to make your soap last even longer.

They are machine washable and can be tumble dried (avoid fabric softener & bleach though).

As this is a new product for us, in this first run we have limited stock available!


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