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Sulphates, Silicones and the journey to healthy hair

Sulphates, Silicones and the journey to healthy hair - The Cornish Seaweed Bath Co.
Silicones and sulphates are common haircare ingredients
Silicones and Sulphates are commonly used in haircare

The Silicone and Sulphate Dilemma: Are these common haircare ingredients harming your hair?

When it comes to haircare, there are two ingredients that are commonly used: Silicones and Sulphates. They're found in many haircare products as they are cheap ingredients and to a certain extent seem to give hair the appearance that we all want (clean, vibrant and healthy). Over time however, they often have the opposite effect.

Sulphates: Effective cleansers that are too powerful for our hair & scalp.

Sulphates, often listed as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) on ingredient labels, are cheap, powerful cleansers. 

While they effectively remove dirt and grime, because of their potency, they also strip away the hair's natural oils. Over time, this can lead to hair and scalp dryness, irritation and impaired natural functioning.

Sulphates can also be derived from natural sources, giving them an appearance of 'naturalness', which can also make them hard to spot in haircare ingredients. 

Silicones in haircare can leave your hair thirsty for nutrients

Silicone buildup can leave your hair thirsty for nutrients

Silicones: The Glossy Illusion

Silicones are commonly found in haircare. They promise shine, heat protection, and detangling. On the surface, they make your hair look sleek and polished, but beneath this glossy silicone layer they are often creating hidden problems.

Silicones create a waterproof, plastic-like coating around each hair strand and over our scalp. While this might sound protective, it has a negative effect. This barrier can act as a shield, preventing much-needed moisture and nutrients from penetrating the hair cuticle. Over time, this buildup can leave your deprived of nutrients and natural scalp oils.

The Problem Cycle: Sulphate Stripping & Silicone buildup

By using products that contain these ingredients, we can become caught in a cycle of over cleansing and further impacting hair health with the blocking affect of silicones.

It's a cycle that over time leaves our hair and scalp lacking health and vibrancy.

Choose products that use gentle, plant-based cleansers

Breaking Free from the Cycle

If we want to have naturally healthy and vibrant hair that stays healthy and vibrant, it's important to restore our hair and scalp's natural health.

This is the ethos behind our haircare. It uses gentle, plant-based cleansers to clean your hair without stripping its natural oils. It also uses plant oils to further nourish hair.

In addition, it also contains Organic Seaweed and other plants and herbal extracts (we create these in our laboratory to ensure their potency) that can naturally help your hair and scalp to return to optimum health. For example our haircare contains Polygonum Multiflorum which has extensive research showing it's benefits to hair strength and growth - Link to reasearch ->

Polygonum Multiflorum

Even though this process of change can be difficult to begin with, your hair & scalp will thank you for it, and will soon begin to regain its vibrancy and vitality. 

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