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The CSBCo. Facial Care Guide

The CSBCo. Facial Care Guide - The Cornish Seaweed Bath Co.

Over the past few years, along with many of our wonderful customers, we have developed a simple method of facial care, using our products...

Our Organic Seaweed contains a host of skin benefiting bioactive elements

We call it our Soap & Oil skincare routine

I (Hannah) use this every night, as do many of our customers, who also enjoy the simplicity as well as the skincare benefits of it. The beauty of it is that it only involves two products.

One of our Facial Duo bundles...

How it works...

Simply use our pure seaweed soap (it's gently cleansing, moisturising & healing) to wash your face with first. Then apply 6-8 drops of your chosen Organic Facial Oil, and voila!

No further moisturiser is needed and you can use it either at night time or in the morning or both, depending on your needs. If you use our facial oil before applying make-up allow a few minutes to let it soak in before applying.

Facial cleanse first using our gentle pure seaweed soap

Choose your Organic Facial Duo

We have four different Organic Facial Oils. Super Nutrient is a great all rounder. For specific skin types or concerns try Sea, Sand or Sky...

Choose the facial oil that's right for you...

Which Facial Oil? We have 4 variations

We have four different Organic Facial Oils. Super Nutrient is a great all rounder. For specific skin types or concerns try Sea, Sand or Sky...

Super Nutrient- a naturally nourishing, hydrating & Collagen boosting facial oil suitable for mature, dry, combination skin types.
Sea- our sea green organic facial oil is perfect to help with Acne prone and scarred skin.
Sand- our golden yellow organic facial oil is for Rosacea, Eczema & Psoriasis prone skin.
Sky- our naturally blue coloured organic facial oil to help brighten and nourish dry, dull skin types.

The Cleansing & Repair Balm method

Our Skin Repair Balm can also be used to cleanse and repair

Our Cleansing and Repair Balm method is a great way of gently cleansing your skin whilst giving it an extra boost of nourishment and care, this works particularly well as an occasional cleansing treatment. Our Skin Repair Balm is made from a unique blend of four medicinal herbs (including frankincense) & organic seaweed, that have deeply restorative effects for skin.

To use our Skin Repair Balm as a cleansing balm, massage a small amount of the balm into your skin, you can then either leave it for a few minutes if you are suffering with very dry skin or remove straight away by using a face cloth wrung out in hottish water. This will leave your face soft, clean and hydrated.

We hope you enjoy our simple facial care methods. If you have any questions, just ask!