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Transitioning to a natural, sulphate free shampoo - the detox process.

Transitioning to a natural, sulphate free shampoo - the detox process. - The Cornish Seaweed Bath Co.

When switching from shampoos that contain sulphates, (harsh cleaning agents, these can be naturally derived too) to shampoos containing only natural, sulphate-free plant-based cleansers, there can be a period of readjustment for your hair and scalp, aka the detox process.

This transition is definitely worth it though and not just for the environment but for your hair & body too.

Sulphates are superb at getting rid of oil & dirt, but they are so good at this that they actually strip your scalp of all the natural oils and although, of course, we don’t want to walk around with oily/dirty hair, these oils do play an important part in helping to prevent an itchy/dry scalp and rough hair.

Naturally healthier hair and scalp

The adjustment to natural, sulphate-free shampoo can take a few days or weeks and during this process you may experience an oilier scalp, limper or weighed down hair, (and if you have been using products with silicones too, then knottier hair) and possibly *less lather from the shampoo too.
But if you persevere you may find, like me, that your hair feels thicker, shinier, healthier and remains cleaner feeling for longer. Also, once your hair has detoxed the shampoo should lather more. You may even experience better hair growth!

Our Super Nutrient Haircare is made using natural, sulphate-free, plant based cleansers

Our Super Nutrient haircare enhances and supports natural hair and scalp health. It doesn't contain sulphates, and can gently help your hair and scalp detox and return to a natural, healthy state.
It's available here:

*Use tip: Natural, sulphate-free shampoo sometimes does not foam in quite the same way as shampoo with sulphates, but this certainly does not mean they are not cleaning your hair. Sometimes adding a little extra water after you start applying the shampoo can help to create more of a lather.